Carol Minos & Leslie Barrow

Carol Minos & Leslie Barrow

Assessing the Effectiveness of Event Success

Those of us who have managed or executed any event – trade show, seminar, conference, concert, wedding, party or promotion/product launch – know it involves managing a thousand details. Each detail gravitates toward one leading purpose…to execute the event successfully.

Event success is pinnacle at ZONE MARKETING. Here are a host of best practices we wish to share on how we measure Event Success.

Knowledge is power. The more you know about your event, your client(s), your program, your venue…will make your entire experience one to confidently be proud of.

Always familiarize yourself with your venue, and do so in advance. Know the show hours, meet the show manager, and introduce yourself to your client(s) and onsite management team. Locate the nearest exits, washrooms and cafeteria. You never know whom, when or why someone may ask you for directions. You have thus created a positive as well as memorable consumer experience. Most importantly, keep smiling!

This begins by determining the best display options for your clients’ marketing and budgetary needs. Whether your footprint is 10×10 or 500×500, in a high traffic area, or in the back corner, we strive to ensure our exhibits are:
• Open and welcoming
• Polished and tidy at all times
• The ease of traffic flows courteously throughout the booth/display
• Graphically appealing – distinctive banner stands, pop-up displays, booth accessories, lighting, booth flooring, and/or fixtures must be relevant as well appealing
• Uniforms – fitted, pressed and polished
• Staff – bright smiling and standing confidently

Without well-trained, dynamic staff, your eye-catching exhibit, marketing initiatives and appealing giveaways will be wasted. Your brand ambassadors are the lifeblood of your program strategy. Their effectiveness will make or break success, no matter the size of the event. Staff your booth with the best and brightest representatives from your organization.

Clients partner with multiple agencies and suppliers to receive all the services needed for a successful event. We are all there to ensure our clients programs are managed and executed professionally and seamlessly. It is in everyone’s best interest to participate in scheduled introductions, status meetings and training sessions to further increase knowledge and collaboration. Share the wealth, and respect each other’s roles.

An open line of communication with consumers, suppliers, venue staff and field staff is essential. Monitoring quality and the general happiness of an event is ongoing…constantly ask for feedback, such as what works and what doesn’t on the show floor. Accept criticism and be open to new ideas. Act fast and document for future.

There is a multitude of other details in assessing the success of an event. One thing is for certain, triumph over the end result, via thorough pre-planning, the unveiling, continuous follow up and post event meetings is essential to continued Event Success.


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