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Dennis Pitselis


Auto Shows Generate Big Sales Throughout the Year!

Millions of consumers will attend Auto Shows across North America in 2015. According to the stats on our 1 million+ consumer profiles that we’ve captured over the years, more than 50% of attendees will purchase a new vehicle within 12 months of visiting a show, making this a very lucrative audience!

Automotive OEMs realize this is a huge opportunity to influence consumers’ buying decisions. The planning begins months in advance. Internal resources are stretched to get things pulled together in time. Big, big budgets are allocated. All in an effort to ensure consumers have an exceptional experience in the OEMs display. So for all that money and effort, the important question is, are we selling as many vehicles as we can by doing this?

The reality is that, in many cases, OEMs are NOT realizing the full potential of the consumer audience that is right on their doorstep. In some cases the lead generation process is left up to sales staff on the show floor, that tend to do the worst thing you can do at these events, which is to hand out their business cards. Others know data capture and lead conversion programs are the way to identify lower funnel leads and turn them into visits to their dealerships. However, even these programs can fall flat with a data capture system that is not designed to generate real, qualified leads!

In the super competitive automotive industry, where a slight increase in market share can mean a huge increase to OEMs bottom line. Integrating a smart, comprehensive lead generation system into Auto Show displays is critical. With dealership traffic generally down, and online traffic up, why wouldn’t you want to get more measurable ROI out of Auto Shows and ensure a steady flow of qualified leads are walking through your dealership doors throughout the year?

What if the incremental sales generated from Auto Shows generated 10 to 30 times the return of your entire Auto Show investment? We generate these kind of results; and the difference is how consumers are engaged at the display, and how they are communicated to after the show.

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Building a rich database of consumers from the Auto Shows provides OEMs with a significant competitive advantage. They have the opportunity to stay connected with interested consumers in a meaningful way, until they are ready to buy with a click of a button. Targeted emails generate qualified dealer traffic throughout the year. And what about all the consumers that provided their information but didn’t buy this year? Our analysis, using OEM sales data, indicates that up to 40% of sales from a rich Auto Show consumer database will buy in year 2 and 3 after attending a show. Every year you grow your database and nurture those consumer relationships. You continue fending off conquest attacks, driving qualified traffic to your dealers, and generating incremental sales.

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